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The CORSET Content Management Design Pattern

Over the past year, Zia has seen a noticeable uptick in engagements that utilize Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) to solve important business problems.  As a systems integrator that is heavily invested in open source and open standards, this is extremely exciting to us.

As with other technology standards, we have also run into a few challenges implementing capabilities over CMIS that we have resolved using a common architectural pattern.

Imagine you need to solve one of the following problems from a client system that is connected to a content management system (CMS) using one of the well-defined CMIS bindings (REST/AtomPub, SOAP or Browser):

  1. Email documents from the CMS to people defined by the sender.
  2. Allow users to create/find/update/delete users and/or groups in the content management system (and possibly an external directory that is synchronizing with the CMS).
  3. Initiate or participate in workflows provided by the CMS.
  4. When creating certain folders, we want template content hierarchies to be instantiated automatically.
  5. Send notifications when new content is created or when content changes states (as indicated by metadata on the content).
  6. Augment/enhance metadata for new or updated documents by querying external systems with content and/or metadata.


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Bindu Wavell is the Chief Architect at Zia Consulting. He has been doing enterprise system integration consulting for the past 22 years. At Zia, Bindu provides guidance and mentoring around enterprise content management architecture and design in addition to working hands on with customers to deliver high value solutions. Bindu has been working on enterprise content management engagements for the past 8 years. Previously he worked at eConvergent and Aspect Communications with customer relationship management systems. Bindu is passionate about tea and quite interested in hobby robotics and automation.