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Chem100 – Wrapper for Apache Chemistry

The lingua franca for external applications to talk to Enterprise Content Management Systems is the CMIS API.  The CMIS API implementation from Apache supports many languages including Java, PHP, Python, Objective-C and .Net.  However, it doesn’t support Clojure, a fairly new implementation of Lisp.  What Zia Consulting has done is to take the Java API and “wrapper” it in Clojure.  This allows native Clojure applications work directly with Enterprise Content Management Systems.  It is has been released as an Open Source API and is available at

It is called Chem100 as it is a wrapper for the Apache Chemistry Project and it supports CMIS 1.00.  It is in an Alpha release state (0.1.0-SNAPSHOT”).  However it is under active development.  Pull requests are welcome.

View the demonstration with Mark Stang, ECM Architect at Zia Consulting, here:
Emily Long

Emily Long

Emily Long is the Director of Marketing at Zia Consulting.

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