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Video Demos: New Features in Ephesoft 3.1 Release

Ephesoft Smart Capture has a new release – Version 3.1. EVP and Capture Practice Lead Pat Myers from Zia Consulting walks through some of the new features of the release in this short demo video.

In the first segment, Pat walks through the some of the new Advanced Key Value Extraction rules, including:

  • Fuzzy Percentage
  • Case Sensitivity/Insensitivity
  • Setting pages and zones to search for values (first page, last page, right side, left side, and more)
  • Generating and testing regular expressions and selecting pre-populated expressions

In the second segment, Pat discusses the previous options for error alerting and logging, and shows the new emailing and downloading capabilities.


PDF Download with Ephesoft using External Application Integration

by EVP and Co-Founder Pat Myers

POTY_medal-01I have heard several customer requests for Ephesoft to allow users to download or email a PDF from the review and validation screens. These requests have triggered an enhancement request that is planned for version 3.2 which is due out in late spring/early summer of 2014.

I’d like to answer the request to demonstrate how to extend out the functionality of Ephesoft by using the External Application Integration. External applications–custom web applications–can be exposed in the validation screen with some configuration. Ephesoft will create a one-time use token that can be used by the web application to verify that the request is coming from a trusted source. The web application will then be given the location of the batch instance information located in the Ephesoft system folder (the working folder) and the selected document ID.

For this example, a Spring web application was created to:

1. Validate the Ephesoft token
2. Parse the Batch XML file
3. Locate the selected document from the provided document ID
4. Create a PDF from the single page TIF files in the selected document
5. Create and display a URL to the user so they can download the file

The video shows you how it works.

Partner Interview: Ike Kavas, CTO-Ephesoft at the Zia Summit 2013

Zia Consulting Co-Founder and EVP Pat Myers had the chance to sit down with Ephesoft CTO Ike Kavas to discuss Ike’s presentation at the Zia Content Connected Summit 2013 and what it’s like to be a partner of Zia.

Watch Now:

Whiteboard Series: “ACE – Advanced Closing Extraction for Ephesoft”

We’ve posted the next video in our Whiteboard Series: “ACE – Advanced Closing Extraction for Ephesoft.”

Join Pat Myers, EVP of Zia Consulting, for an overview of Zia’s Advanced Closing Extraction (ACE) for Ephesoft solution.

Advanced Closing Extraction (ACE) for Ephesoft provides enhanced capture for mortgage documents. With the size of an average mortgage loan at over 500 pages, and hundreds of different document types, the labor intensive and costly methods of processing loans used in the past are no longer possible for banks that want to compete. Now, many of the most data intensive documents such as HUD-1, GFE, Truth in Lending and more can be managed securely and efficiently with Zia’s Advanced Closing Extraction. Using Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture, ACE automates mortgage data collection with quick implementation, carefully extracting necessary information and ensuring compliance.


Watch on Vimeo here.