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Why are we so excited about Ephesoft?

We have worked with a lot of different document capture technologies over the years and we believe Ephesoft is truly a next generation product.  This year Zia Consulting was named Ephesoft 2011 Partner of the Year  and we create solutions with it every day. Based on our experience creating Document Capture solutions for our customers, here are a few key reasons why we are so excited about Ephesoft and why you might be too.

Cost Savings

Yes, there is a huge cost savings associated with Ephesoft and it is clearly seen for those high-end customers that have complex document capture requirements.  For example, Kofax is very module and volume driven which can drive up the costs – especially for those customers that require its full functionality. If you using Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) with invoice processing, 10 fields of extraction and table extraction, etc. – then you will see a 90 percent savings by moving to Ephesoft.  For these types of customers, it’s an easy value proposition which translates to tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars saved.  However, not all companies will see this type of savings – it depends on the type of solution / features you require.

Feature Rich Product

For customers that require a basic document capture solution such as Kofax Capture, the discussion on “why Ephesoft” should focus on features.  With Ephesoft, you are getting a feature rich product that is not available with other à la carte pricing menus.  First, customers will have access to intelligent classification technology without having to use separator sheets or barcodes.  You can teach Ephesoft to understand the documents and dynamically process, classify and assemble the documents in the batch class without the added step of manually separating documents. This provides a significant time savings by eliminating or minimizing the pre-scanning preparation. Second, you can use free form extraction versus zonal extraction.  This means that the system will look for specific content (such as a social security number) across the entire document compared to only looking in a specific location.

Essentially you are getting more advanced features with Ephesoft (without paying for advanced modules that drive up the cost for many small or medium sized businesses) that will make implementing and using intelligent document capture software easier to use in your organization.


Ephesoft is easy to scale to meet the needs of any size organization. With Ephesoft, you can easy scale up.  Proprietary products make it hard (especially for smaller organizations) to scale the implementation by constantly making you buy more pages, seats or new modules. This is not the case with Ephesoft. The per server license model means you are not limited by the number of people using Ephesoft or the number of pages. This makes it affordable for smaller implementations (and enterprises).


Ephesoft is a dynamic framework for intelligent document capture that can be customized for your business needs.  It is flexible, supports open standards (Java, JDPM and Spring) and comes with a robust workflow.  Customers can easily create custom plug-ins and create workflows to accommodate their business processes.  Traditionally, a company would have to fit their business process into a workflow structure defined by the system or pay an expensive consultant to modify the system for them.

Modern Technology

Ephesoft offers a modern approach that allows companies to replace legacy technology that is expensive to run, integrate and maintain.  It is also server-based, so upgrades are able to be done more simply and do not require upgrading all the client machines.

Customer Centric Organization

Ephesoft as an organization is focused on the customer.  Our customers consistently tell us how responsive the Ephesoft support team is.  Customers have not seen this same level of support from legacy vendors.  This is an important differentiator as it shows a strong commitment to their customers and product development.

If you are using Kofax, Captivia, IBM-Datacap and Readsoft, it may be time to evaluate Ephesoft.  If you’re like many organizations looking to automate the capture of information, Ephesoft can easily work within your organization’s business process and budget.  Read our latest Zia case study to see how one online retailor,, has implemented Ephesoft for to help automate invoicing.

And if you are just getting started with Ephesoft and want to learn all the ins and outs, you should check out our new book titled, Intelligent Document Capture with Ephesoft, for a detailed technical guide on how to configure and use Ephesoft.



Executive Vice President Zia Consulting ECM and Capture Expert, Ephesoft official trainer and author of 'Intelligent Document Capture with Ephesoft' Pat has been working in the ECM and document capture since 1997 before co-founding Zia in 2003. Pat has held team lead, architect and developer positions throughout his career.

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