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Over the past few months Zia Consulting has rolled out a new Website and branding campaign focused on “Content People.”  This might seem like a small change from our previous Enterprise Content Management messaging, but for us it represents a significant shift.  We started to ask ourselves “Why Content”. The answer is simple – content is the lifeblood of an organization!

For many of our customers, the challenge is broader than ECM alone.  Business content now comes from many different sources – from paper documents to mobile content creation to social media – and all this content needs to find its way into and out of diverse systems from CRM to ERP to Websites.  And these systems can be on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both.  It simply doesn’t make business sense to treat ECM as a silo.

As a result, our business has evolved beyond ECM to include document capture, mobile CMS development, enterprise integration, workflows and business process management – all with a wide range of deployment options including Zia’s Managed Cloud solutions.  Zia helps companies manage their content (no matter where it resides) and use it to add value to their business.

For us Content People stands for two things:

  • Our consultants understand all types of content, as well as where that content comes from and where it needs to go.
  • As content experts we know that content is only valuable if your business uses it

This last point is extremely important to us.  At Zia, we have a lot of practical knowledge.  Our consultants are not only experts in all things ECM but also information architecture, integration, mobile deployments, and project management.  Our goal is to ensure that each interaction with Zia adds value to you as a customer or prospective customer.  Our consultants want to share what they have learned to help companies solve their current problems.  Whether we win your business or not, we want to add value to help you use your content in smarter ways that empower your business.

Starting today, Zia Consulting is launching a new blog called Content People.  Here, the Zia experts (that make us the “Content People”) will share what they have learned over the years about optimizing enterprise content.  We will feature:

  • Technical articles on using Alfresco, Liferay, Ephesoft, WeWebU, Mulesoft and more;
  • Tips on solving common content challenges;
  • Examine what technologies users are actually adopting to solve their content needs;
  • Advice on going mobile;
  • Insights on how this market is evolving; and
  • Much, much more!

Check back regularly to see what our content experts have to say and let us know what Zia’s Content People message means to you.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge and hearing from customers through our blog.

Mike Mahon

Mike Mahon

President and CEO Zia Consulting Husband, father, athlete, mobile ecm enthusiast, and CEO that loves mountain biking, golf, tele skiing, ECM, open source, and the mountains. Mike is also an international speaker, business owner and technology executive with seventeen years of proven leadership, business, and transformational expertise. Expertise in the following industries: manufacturing, publishing, content management, environmental engineering and professional services. Expertise with application development, enterprise architecture, enterprise systems, customer management, marketing and sales. Highly effective at developing business units, engineering teams, and sales teams into high-performance entities.

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