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New Demo Video: ZiaOne IDAS – Insurance Document Automation System

zia-insurance-solutionsAcross all segments of the insurance industry, companies are faced with the competing requirements of improving profitability while at the same time delivering world-class customer service. In addition, they are trying to manage exponentially growing amounts of information coming from a wide range of sources, both traditional and social. Finally, they are forced to comply with an ever-increasing number of insurance-related regulations coming from all levels of the government, while at the same time providing critical information to the business.

As Alfresco’s Partner of the Year 2012 and 2013, Zia Consulting has vast experience providing document automation solutions to a wide range of organizations across the insurance industry, allowing us to create our ZiaOne Insurance Document Automation System (IDAS) delivering rapid ROI.

View this short demonstration from Zia’s Senior Solutions Engineer, Jon Solove.

Keynote Presentation: Alfresco’s Paul St John at the 2013 Zia Summit

We had the pleasure of hosting Alfresco’s VP of Global Sales, Paul St John, at our 2013 Content Connected Summit. Watch Paul during this interactive whiteboard presentation as he discusses his 10+ years working in the content management space. Learn how the industry has evolved, what customers are looking for in an ECM system today, why he joined Alfresco, and what his vision is for the future of open source content management solutions.

Watch Now:

Chem100 – Wrapper for Apache Chemistry

The lingua franca for external applications to talk to Enterprise Content Management Systems is the CMIS API.  The CMIS API implementation from Apache supports many languages including Java, PHP, Python, Objective-C and .Net.  However, it doesn’t support Clojure, a fairly new implementation of Lisp.  What Zia Consulting has done is to take the Java API and “wrapper” it in Clojure.  This allows native Clojure applications work directly with Enterprise Content Management Systems.  It is has been released as an Open Source API and is available at

It is called Chem100 as it is a wrapper for the Apache Chemistry Project and it supports CMIS 1.00.  It is in an Alpha release state (0.1.0-SNAPSHOT”).  However it is under active development.  Pull requests are welcome.

View the demonstration with Mark Stang, ECM Architect at Zia Consulting, here:

Demo: Ephesoft for Mortgage Processing

Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture is the ideal tool for processing mortgage documents. Ephesoft ingests documents, classifies and separates them, extracts the data, and then allows you to export it in a number of ways. During this presentation, Zia’s Jon Solove reviews the Ephesoft administration panel and demonstrates how to utilize Ephesoft for mortgage processing. While legacy capture systems use “zonal” technology for extraction, Ephesoft looks at actual text. Using a series of batch classes, Jon will walk through document processing by creating extraction and classification rules.

Watch this presentation now.

Alfresco’s Attribute Service

Alfresco’s Attribute Service provides nodeless cluster-safe storage to code running in the Alfresco Repository. This type of storage can be very fast for CRUD operations and supports a simplistic querying capability that works against the database — no node storage or full text indexing lag between write and read. Developers can maintain efficient node-related data without modifying nodes.

Alfresco has not provided documentation for this service on their wiki or docs sites at this time. As such be wary that it’s quite possible this will change over time without warning.

View this presentation from Zia’s Bindu Wavell for more information on the Alfresco Attribute Service.


Whiteboard Series: “ACE – Advanced Closing Extraction for Ephesoft”

We’ve posted the next video in our Whiteboard Series: “ACE – Advanced Closing Extraction for Ephesoft.”

Join Pat Myers, EVP of Zia Consulting, for an overview of Zia’s Advanced Closing Extraction (ACE) for Ephesoft solution.

Advanced Closing Extraction (ACE) for Ephesoft provides enhanced capture for mortgage documents. With the size of an average mortgage loan at over 500 pages, and hundreds of different document types, the labor intensive and costly methods of processing loans used in the past are no longer possible for banks that want to compete. Now, many of the most data intensive documents such as HUD-1, GFE, Truth in Lending and more can be managed securely and efficiently with Zia’s Advanced Closing Extraction. Using Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture, ACE automates mortgage data collection with quick implementation, carefully extracting necessary information and ensuring compliance.


Watch on Vimeo here.

Whiteboard Video Series: “Connected Case Management” & “Case Management for Alfresco Business Solutions”

We’ve recently launched a new Vimeo channel. Join Zia’s CEO Mike Mahon for our Whiteboard Series on Connected Case Management.

In the first video, “Connected Case Management”, Mike gives an overview of what case management actually is with a functional example. As many organizations are trying to define and build case management solutions, Zia is working on managing cases effectively, engaging current systems while integrating new technology like Alfresco ECM.

In the second video, “Case Management for Alfresco Business Solutions”, Mike addresses case management and business solutions as they relate to our vision for the Content Connected Enterprise. Utilizing Alfresco as a content hub, Mike will discuss how Zia integrates cloud, document capture, mobile, and existing/legacy systems with partner technologies like Alfresco Business Solutions.


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