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Zia’s Simple + Secure Back Office: AP Automation

For many organizations, their most critical corporate documents are associated with “back office” corporate functions. From Employee Records to M&A Documents, this content must be shared and stored securely, and content management systems must be integrated with business processes and business applications. To address this need, Zia Consulting has created the Simple + Secure Back Office, providing solutions for multiple departments including accounts payable.

Join Senior Solution Engineer Jon Solove for a quick demonstration of Zia’s AP Automation Solution, leveraging Ephesoft’s Intelligent Document Capture technology.


Video Demo: Building Dynamic Borrower Sites with Crafter Software

In this mortgage solutions demonstration, Principal Architect Gi Lee from Zia Consulting shows how to build dynamic borrower sites using Crafter Software. The solution was built as a module of the ZiaOne LAS (Loan Automation System), which utilizes Alfresco as a content hub–just as Crafter leverages Alfresco.

The demo starts with the borrower landing/login page that is fully customizable by an author. Gi shows how the page can be viewed on a computer screen, on an iPad, and on a mobile device thanks to Crafter’s innovative content preview tool.

Next, Gi logs into the site as a lender and shows how they would create new loans and upload files to the “mFolder”—Zia’s unique Mortgage Folder concept. Here he explains how uploading documents through the Crafter site will automatically load them into Alfresco using ZiaOne LAS. To show this process, Gi logs into his Alfresco instance and displays the thumbnail images of the documents he uploaded via Crafter. As documents are uploaded and enter Alfresco, they are automatically classified and metadata is extracted.

At the end of the demo, Gi explains some of the authoring tools available and shows how easy it is to quickly customize numerous elements with Crafter. “The great thing about Crafter is that you are not limited to only a handful of sites,” said Gi Lee. “You can have one, or you can have a million… the software will scale appropriately.”

PDF Download with Ephesoft using External Application Integration

by EVP and Co-Founder Pat Myers

POTY_medal-01I have heard several customer requests for Ephesoft to allow users to download or email a PDF from the review and validation screens. These requests have triggered an enhancement request that is planned for version 3.2 which is due out in late spring/early summer of 2014.

I’d like to answer the request to demonstrate how to extend out the functionality of Ephesoft by using the External Application Integration. External applications–custom web applications–can be exposed in the validation screen with some configuration. Ephesoft will create a one-time use token that can be used by the web application to verify that the request is coming from a trusted source. The web application will then be given the location of the batch instance information located in the Ephesoft system folder (the working folder) and the selected document ID.

For this example, a Spring web application was created to:

1. Validate the Ephesoft token
2. Parse the Batch XML file
3. Locate the selected document from the provided document ID
4. Create a PDF from the single page TIF files in the selected document
5. Create and display a URL to the user so they can download the file

The video shows you how it works.

Video Introduction: CORSET Design Pattern

This lightning talk by Zia Consulting’s Chief Architect Bindu Wavell is a quick introduction to the CORSET Content Management Design Pattern, originally delivered at the Alfresco Summit Boston 2013. More information on CORSET Design can be found in this post.

Creating Content by Templates in Alfresco

This lightning talk by Principal Solutions Engineer Gi Lee is a quick introduction to the “create document/folder by template” feature that is available in Alfresco Share, for the Alfresco One 4.2 release. This lightning talk will cover how to create and use document/folder templates, the Share configuration that is available and a quick demo on how to create new folder/document templates from Alfresco Share.

New Demo Video: ZiaOne IDAS – Insurance Document Automation System

zia-insurance-solutionsAcross all segments of the insurance industry, companies are faced with the competing requirements of improving profitability while at the same time delivering world-class customer service. In addition, they are trying to manage exponentially growing amounts of information coming from a wide range of sources, both traditional and social. Finally, they are forced to comply with an ever-increasing number of insurance-related regulations coming from all levels of the government, while at the same time providing critical information to the business.

As Alfresco’s Partner of the Year 2012 and 2013, Zia Consulting has vast experience providing document automation solutions to a wide range of organizations across the insurance industry, allowing us to create our ZiaOne Insurance Document Automation System (IDAS) delivering rapid ROI.

View this short demonstration from Zia’s Senior Solutions Engineer, Jon Solove.

New Demo Video: ZiaOne Loan Automation System (LAS) for Mortgage

Zia Consulting provides document automation solutions for companies across the mortgage industry, delivering significant cost savings while at the same time offering accelerated revenue opportunities and improving visibility into the process for enhanced compliance and business intelligence. Zia has experience providing document automation to a wide range of enterprises across the entire mortgage industry, which we have used to create our ZiaOne Loan Automation System (LAS) featuring:

  • Automated Document Processing from ANY Source, in ANY Form, of ANY Type
  • Borrowers Supporting Documents to Closing Documents
  • Integration with your LOS (Not Replacing it)
  • Zia OneView for End-to-End Analytics

View three unique demonstrations of our ZiaOne LAS hosted by Senior Solutions Engineer Jon Solove, originally produced the 100th Annual Mortgage Bankers Convention.

Watch Now:

Keynote Presentation: Alfresco’s Paul St John at the 2013 Zia Summit

We had the pleasure of hosting Alfresco’s VP of Global Sales, Paul St John, at our 2013 Content Connected Summit. Watch Paul during this interactive whiteboard presentation as he discusses his 10+ years working in the content management space. Learn how the industry has evolved, what customers are looking for in an ECM system today, why he joined Alfresco, and what his vision is for the future of open source content management solutions.

Watch Now:

Whiteboard Video: Invoice Automation with Phil Robinson

fin-opps-logoZia Consulting delivers a wide range of content services for Accounts Payable departments and other Financial Operations including Supply Chain Management, Procurement, and more. We work closely with our partners and customers to specifically design and deliver solutions for invoice automation while focusing on delivering measurable business results – reducing costs, accelerating revenue, and providing enhanced visibility into your information.

Join Zia SVP Phil Robinson for this whiteboard session overview of ZiaOne IAS (Invoice Automation System) and learn how we’ve combined the power of Ephesoft and Alfresco to create a compete solution for Financial Operations.

Watch Now:

New Whiteboard Session: In-Process Capture with Pat Myers

Traditional document capture is a very linear process which has several interfaces and integration touch points.  Zia is excited about the Web Service API introduced by Ephesoft to be able to embed the capture power in current systems.  Zia terms this functionality as IPC: In-Process Capture.

Join Zia Consulting’s EVP and Co-Founder Pat Myers for this short whiteboard session highlighting In-Process Capture.

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