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Archive for December, 2012

Simplify Invoice Processing Using Ephesoft

Invoice processing is no easy task and can be a time consuming and resource intensive task. Even with a variety of different solutions on the market, most companies still manually process invoices. Technology costs and complexity have been barriers to automating invoicing, but with Ephesoft that is no longer the case.

We recently helped a growing ecommerce site,, implement Ephesoft to automate its invoicing processing to improve overall procurement and accounting processes. Like most growing businesses, eReplacementParts’ manual invoicing process had become inefficient. For a company that promotes reuse and sustainability, the process was anything but green.

Zia worked with eReplacementParts to assess their needs and determine how Ephesoft could be used in their environment and on their budget. eReplacementParts is a tech savvy company and while they did the implementation themselves – they needed help to ensure they configured and customized the system properly for their environment. Zia also provided support through their implementation.

Today, the company can quickly and easily convert paper invoices to electronic ones – regardless of document format documents to electronic. When invoices are received they can be scanned into the system and sent directly to the Ephesoft server where text is extracted from the documents into forms and integrated with the company’s ERP system. The system retrieves the appropriate data fields for classification and validates the information with POs. It will also flag exceptions or direct a document to the appropriate system for processing.

With Ephesoft, eReplacementparts has moved from a manual process to an automated process – saving time, improving system accuracy and reducing paper waste. They are a great example of how companies can cost effectively use intelligent document capture technology to simplify the task of invoice processing. If you are struggling to manage your invoice process – Ephesoft could be the right solution for you!

Download the full case study to learn more about eReplacementparts use of Ephesoft or check out our newly published book on Ephesoft titled, Intelligent Document Capture with Ephesoft


Martin Fowler Rocks!

Our developers are big fans of Martin Fowler, self-described “author, speaker, and loud-mouth on the design of enterprise software”. His recently published infodeck on “Developing software for Multiple Mobile Devices” really drew our attention.  It is a well thought out and beautifully articulate discussion of the issues in forming a mobile device strategy.  We wanted to share it with you.  You can view it here.

Also, really like his thoughts on  the “Infodeck” presentation paradigm!





Ike Kavas CTO Ephesoft on Document Capture Technology

We were fortunate to have Ike Kavas, CTO of Ephesoft at the Zia Paper to Mobile Summit held at the Zia HQ in Boulder.   Ike provided us with a very entertaining and informative keynote address reflecting from a technology perspective on the past, present and future of document capture.  Have a look and enjoy!


Check out this inside look video.


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